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A huge selection of prints, canvases, and original art that fits your decor are available at Mukilteo Mirror & Frame

One of our unique talents is taking any print (even one you bring to us) and making it into a canvas that is complete right down to the brush strokes that makes the print look like an original painting... It's really incredible!

We have provided links on this page that will take you to our print suppliers websites. We hope this will enhance your ability to make choices right there in your own home. Print the images and give each one the thought and consideration you deserve when choosing what goes on the walls of your home.We also have the book style catalogues here at the design studio that you can check out and browse in the comfort of your own home.

Just come in to our "very nice place" and we'll give you the lowest price you can get anywhere on the framing of your art choices.

Additionally, IrinaMilton is on staff here at the studio, who is a highly accomplished artist. Irina has done portrait work of fmailies, pets, and on-site locations in rich oil paintings that become cherised art in your home. She teaches classes in her own studio and at Everett Community College. Call her to set up a free appointment to discuss what you have in mind.

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